About Us

RFT Coaching

We got started when two brothers, both with very different backgrounds in sport, got together and decided to design something that actually worked.

Coach Chris came from endurance sports, he raced bicycles for 20 years including 2 seasons as a professional with DLP Pro cycling and JBCA in Belgium. He has been coaching and managing our professional OCR team (Team RFT Coaching Pro OCR) for the last 2 seasons. 

Coach Matt comes from baseball and has a larger strength background. Matt is the head coach when it comes to our team programs. He has been working with the University of Utah Rugby Team for the last 2 seasons. 

Both ended up in the military for a total of 15 years combined. It was those lessons and experiences that shaped how they design their programming. 

We currently run a facility in Salt Lake City, UT and we are getting ready to open a second location in Los Angeles, CA later in 2018. We decided to bring the success of our in house members to everyone with this online program.

RFT stands for "Realistic, Functional Training" and we mean that. We spend a large amount of time looking at how humans move and how to make them move better in their chosen sports or activities. Many coaches say they are "functional" but many have a hard time proving it. We prove it every day.

Train For Your Life


Our Mission

We create programs that are efficient, effective and attainable for all fitness levels.