Obstacle Course Race Prep Subscription

$29.99 / Month

10 day free trial

This program is based on RFT Coaching's work with obstacle course racers. It is designed to help you not just finish a race, but to excel at it. This program is a trickle down version of our elite and professional obstacle race program.

This is a periodized program that focuses on the months of April - October being the "race season".

Periods include:

1) Strength and Endurance

2) Work Capacity, Obstacle Specific Strength, Endurance

3)Endurance, Speed, and Obstacle Strength

4) Durability and Recovery

You can expect to see elements from our general strength and conditioning program (using odd shaped items, and body weight) as well as our endurance program mixed into this training system.

While not required, it is helpful to have access to a gym or some basic equipment for this program.

This subscription includes access to our private Facebook group for OCR athletes.

There is limited coach support for this program.

$29.99 / Month

10 day free trial

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